About Cuter Cuticles

I'm just a girl like you, who loves nail art like you, who loves acetone and who needed a solution for dry, cracked nails and cuticles. So I made my own yummy creations.

I use them everyday and I want to share them with you! (OK, OK... I am also trying to make enough money to feed my indie polish addiction! I know you'll understand.)

I've done my best to keep shipping as low as possible using the lightest packaging and without a lot of extra “frills”.

Please know that in the event that a package goes missing, I'll do my best to make it right by you by giving you a few options.

Processing Times:

You are all keeping me very busy with orders! So much so that it takes almost a full day every week to make and package orders for shipping. Thank you so much!

Because of this, my family and my full time day job, orders will be made and packaged on weekends and shipped out by Canada Post on the first business day after the weekend. Usually a Monday, but occasionally a Tuesday due to holidays. This means order to ship time could be up to 7 days.


I have one short-hair feline fur baby. I try my very hardest to make sure his hair doesn't come along in your orders, but sometimes it may happen. I do apologize. This disclosure is mostly to ensure that those with allergies can be fully informed before they purchase.


Oshawa, Canada

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